What we offer Professionals

What we offer Professionals

Exclusive protection tailor-made for Australia’s professionals.

Membership of PPS Mutual is strictly limited to a defined list of professionals.

When you take out insurance cover with PPS Mutual, you get exclusive access to a unique and tailor-made portfolio of insurance benefits called PPS Mutual Professionals Choice, each one created to answer the specific protection needs of a defined group of Australia’s professionals.

And, on top of this, you also receive a share of the annual profit generated by the PPS Mutual product. After ten years’ Membership you can start to withdraw this money from your Profit-Share account. That’s because you’re not just a customer, you’re a Member – you become, quite literally, one of our company’s owners. For most life insurance companies, these profits would be assigned to shareholders.

It’s an approach that’s already proved hugely successful. Some of the world’s biggest and most successful insurance companies operate on a mutual model as does PPS in South Africa. And we believe it’s time Australia’s professionals were offered a similar chance to benefit from a radical reappraisal of how insurance companies can work.