PPS South Africa

PPS South Africa

Leading the way since 1941

PPS SA is the only mutual financial services company in South Africa that has focused exclusively on graduate professionals since 1941.They offer tailor-made insurance, investment and healthcare solutions exclusively for graduate professionals. PPS is an authorised financial services provider.

PPS SA is a Founder Member of PPS Mutual and is the provider of the administration and systems for the PPS Mutual products.

The history of PPS SA is a dynamic story of how the vision of a few pioneering professionals laid the groundwork of what has become the largest multidisciplinary group of professionals in the world. A brainchild of a group of eight dentists, PPS was founded as the Professional Provident Society of South Africa on 8 July 1941, during the height of the Second World War.

These founding fathers sought to find a better system of financial protection as a consequence of being unable to practice as a result of sickness or injury, looking towards the Dentists Provident Society of the UK, formed in 1908, for a model on which to base their own society – its objectives perfectly matching their own needs.

PPS South Africa is now the largest financial services company in the country operating as a mutual. It has assets of $3.2 billion and in the last 10 years alone has assigned $2.2 billion* in profit-share to its Members.

*Calculated at 31st December 2014