Our members and advisers are celebrating our fourth successive profit-share assignment

Isn’t it time you joined the party?

More profits for members

At PPS Mutual our life insurance is like no other.
Every Member is entitled to a share in the profits of the insurance that they buy. And this year their share has been bigger than ever.

Total number of
PPS Mutual
Members to date:


Total Profit-Share
Assignment for


Total Profit-Share
Account balance:


The Profit-Share Pool has
doubled this year


in 2019


in 2020

One Member has
accrued $20,000 in

Members have been
rewarded with a
Profit-Share every
year since we
started in 2016

Members have
been assigned
profits of at least
7% of premiums
every year

Members also
received an assignment
of 4.5% of their
Profit-Share Account
opening balance
in 2020

And one Member has
accrued $10,000 in
Profit-Share despite
only paying one
premium before

More valuable business for advisers

By only providing specialist life insurance for professionals and sharing profits with Members, we’re generating more sustainable, higher value business for our accredited advisers.

One adviser firms' clients
received Profit-Share
assignments of over


One adviser firms’ clients
have Profit-Share account
balances totaling over


An individual adviser
has clients whose Profit-Share
account balances total over



PPS Mutual
lapse rate


Industry average
lapse rate


Source: NMG Retail Advice Channel Risk
Distribution Monitor Q2 2020.


PPS Mutual
average premiums


Industry average


Source: NMG Retail Advice Channel Risk
Distribution Monitor Q2 2020.

An exclusive opportunity for advisers

Professional clients can only access our life insurance through a limited number of accredited advisers. Why not join them and set your advice apart from the competition?

Total number of financial
advisers in Australia


Source: RiskInfo Wrap August 2020

Total number of PPS Mutual
accredited advisers


PPS Mutual’s Profit-Share is a unique feature that brings something different to the conversation with existing and prospective professional clients. Now with Profit-Share Accounts reaching over $380,000, our clients are gaining additional value from their insurance.

David Davidson
Managing Partner,
Priority Life

We were delighted to find out that our client, who is on a long term claim with PPS Mutual, has continued to accrue a Profit-Share allocation whilst on claim and that his Profit-Share balance is among the largest in PPS Mutual Australia.

Amanda Levine
Specialist Risk Adviser,
North City Group