As a Member, you share in the profits of your insurance

At PPS Mutual we’re not like other insurers. We don’t have to pander to shareholders because we don’t have any.
Instead we’re owned by the lives we insure (or Members as we like to call them).
It’s a model that our customers profit from in more ways than one.




  • Every Member is entitled to a share of our long term profits
  • The interests of PPS Mutual and its Members are completely aligned
  • We can focus on what really matters to Members: The quality of our policies


  • Members are represented at Board and Annual General Meetings
  • The model is proven, some of the world’s most successful insurers are Mutuals


Created by Professionals for Professionals.

PPS Mutual may be new to Australia but our partner company PPS South Africa have been sharing the rewards of their success since 1941.

The Professional Provident Society of South Africa, known simply as PPS, was formed on 8 July 1941, during the height of the Second World War.

The founders, all of whom were dental professionals, sought to find a better system of financial protection having all experienced being unable to practice due to sickness or injury.

They found inspiration from the mutual model adopted by the Dentists Provident Society of the UK, formed in 1908.

This belief in the value of mutuality still holds firm today and has resulted in PPS South Africa becoming the largest financial services company in the country operating as a Mutual with assets of $5.3 billion*.

What’s more, in the last 10 years alone, PPS South Africa has assigned $2.7 billion* in profit share to its Members.

Now available to Australian Professionals.

In 2016 we brought PPS South Africa’s proven business model to Australia and PPS South Africa became a founding member of PPS Mutual.

It means that Australian Professionals can now benefit from specialist protection that also provides them with a share of the profits, all from a business that’s run solely in their best interest.

That’s the PPS Mutual way. And that’s the value of membership.

*Calculated at 31st December 2019

PPS South Africa

Formed in 1941. Assets of over $8.4 billion* today

*Calculated at 31st December 2023

PPS South Africa

$2.9 billion* in profit share assigned to Members in the last 10 years

*Calculated at 31st December 2023

PPS Mutual

10,000 Australian professionals have become Members since 2016

PPS Mutual

$7,900,000* in profit share assigned to Members in the last 7 years

*Calculated at 7 years to 30 June 2023


You can only join PPS Mutual via one of our Accredited Advisers.

This exclusive group give advice under their own Australian Financial Services Licence or Licensee and fully comply with our strict accreditation rules for the PPS Mutual Professionals Choice product.

Each one receives formal product training by PPS Mutual to ensure that they are fully equipped to give you all the advice and guidance you may need.


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