Industrial Professionals

Industrial Professionals

How can PPS Mutual help Industrial Professionals

Professionals Choice is a unique tailor-made insurance product designed specifically to meet the insurance needs of Australian professionals.

What’s different about PPS Mutual?

Members of PPS Mutual will be entitled to share in the profits of the Professionals Choice product through the PPS Mutual Profit–Share Account. Professionals Choice is the only product currently on offer in the Australian retail life risk insurance market to offer this.

Indexation for Professionals
Being exclusively for professionals our default is to increase benefits in line with professional salaries, based on increases in our Professional Earnings Index or inflation, whichever is greater.

Inclusion of Professional Events
Designed specifically with professionals in mind, we have included Professional Events such as becoming a partner or commencing private practice, as a category of trigger events that allow our members to increase their cover without having to provide further medical evidence.

Agreed Value Premium Saver
Allows you to have the security of an agreed value definition, without paying the full loading generally applied to all agreed value policies.

Change of plan ownership
The plan ownership may be transferred at any time with no underwriting.

True level premium
Premiums for any increased cover, from the application of the Indexation for Professionals Benefit, is based on your age at the date of the commencement of your cover and not your age at the time the indexation is applied.

Career Break or Caring For Your Child Benefit
Benefits that recognize there may be times in your professional life where you may need to take a career break or time off work to care for an unwell child.

A Home Duties Income Protection Insurance
Designed for professionals who are no longer working in their professions, but who are engaged in home duties on a full time basis.

Flexible Premium Structure
A flexible premium structure allows you to have both a stepped and level premium structure on the one insurance cover, allowing you to benefit from the advantages of both premium types.

Who’s eligible for Membership?

Registered with the Architects Board in any State or Territory of Australia

Accredited as an Engineering Technologist or Professional Engineer of Engineers Australia, Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland or Professionals Australia or a Member / Fellow of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy

Quantity Surveyor
Member or Fellow of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

Registered or licensed with the Surveyors Board in any Australian State or Territory.

Town Planner
A Full Member or Registered Planner of the Planning Institute of Australia.

How do I become a Member?

You can only join PPS Mutual via one of our Accredited Advisers – an exclusive group of professional Advisers who are licenced to give advice under their own Australian Financial Services Licence or Licencee and fully comply with our strict accreditation rules for the PPS Mutual Professionals Choice product.

Every Accredited Adviser receives formal product training by PPS Mutual in order to ensure that they are fully equipped to give you all the advice and guidance you may need.

Before applying for Insurance with a PPS Mutual Accredited Adviser, please remember that PPS Mutual membership is reserved for professionals who meet our eligibility criteria.

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