What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance will provide you with a lump sum payment should you die or become terminally ill.

Having life insurance in place with Professionals Choice, will allow you and your family to live safe in the knowledge that, should you die or suffer from a terminal illness, your dependants will be able to continue benefitting from your years of hard work.

A Life Insurance benefit can assist your family to maintain their current lifestyle by paying the mortgage on your family home, reducing outstanding debts, or investing the lump sum benefit for future costs such as education expenses or unplanned household repairs.

Benefits of Life Insurance with PPS Mutual

Professionals Choice

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Members share in
the Company’s

Members share in the profits
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benefits & features

we’ll automatically pass on
policy enhancements when
they don’t increase your

General Plan Features

Enhancements are passed back
Our philosophy is to keep our benefits current. Hence, we’ll enhance the Professionals Choice product to reflect changes in society and medical enhancements.

Where enhancements do not result in an increase to your premium rates, we’ll automatically pass them onto you. If the enhancement does result in a premium increase, you will be given the option to apply for the enhancement with a related increase to your premium.

Your insurance is guaranteed renewable each year until expiry
As long as you pay your premiums we’ll continue to insure you with the same or enhanced terms and conditions until expiry. This applies even if you suffer changes to your health, you change occupations (including to non-professional occupations) or you take up different pastimes.

Worldwide Insurance
Your insurance covers you wherever you are in the world.

Increase your insurance without providing medical evidence
With our Future Increases Benefit and Business Increases Option your insurance cover can keep pace with your changing life, as they allow you to increase your insurance after certain life, professional and business events without the need to provide information about your health.

How do I become a Member?

You can only join PPS Mutual via one of our Accredited Advisers – an exclusive group of professional Advisers who are licenced to give advice under their own Australian Financial Services Licence or Licencee and fully comply with our strict accreditation rules for the PPS Mutual Professionals Choice product.

Every Accredited Adviser receives formal product training by PPS Mutual in order to ensure that they are fully equipped to give you all the advice and guidance you may need.

Before applying for Insurance with a PPS Mutual Accredited Adviser, please remember that PPS Mutual membership is reserved for professionals who meet our eligibility criteria.

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