PPS Mutual Widens Eligibility Criteria

Specialist insurance company PPS Mutual has announced the widening of the eligibility criteria for its members, increasing its target market by 25 percent.

It has also extended the citizenship requirements to include New Zealanders working in Australia.

PPS Mutual Director of Proposition, Matthew Pilcher, says the decision to widen eligibility criteria was made due to a high amount of interest from professionals who were not originally eligible.

The company’s initial eligibility requirements meant that several professionals could not become members, specifically those engineers who were not members of Engineers Australia and also certain Allied Health Professionals.

The wider eligibility now includes engineering professionals with other bodies as well as town planners and surveyors. Eight new professions have been added in the medical space, including medical radiation practitioners and occupational therapists. In the commercial sector they have added public accountants and now also accept accountants and lawyers who are no longer practising.

“Whilst the criteria has been widened it was important for our members that we maintain the exclusivity and the benefits of being in a pool with others with a similar profile, especially as they share in the profits of the products they buy,” said Pilcher.

August 20, 2019